This section presents the best visual graphics or effects collected over the time and created with JavaScript technology for all of you who want to relax, calm down, clear your mind, eliminate stress or simply use the visual graphics as a beautiful wallpaper or screensaver on any digital device such as computers, tablets, smart tvs or smartphones.

These calming graphics rely on the colorful and movement of the different objects and elements that appear on the canvas to provoke a relaxing and pleasant feeling when you watch them. They are just beautiful artworks whose flow, unlike videos, do not seem to be the prisioner of a endless loop. This is because these visual graphics are really recreating a real movement with real random moves.

The visual content of this section is quite interactive, as you can alter the flow of the particles or elements of the graphics with your mouse. This gives the users another way of interacting and exploring alternative ways of clearing their mind and concentrating. They are also based on the effect of the imagination and, therefore, each person will envision a diferent thought and each person will also relax and concentrate in a different way.

Next you have at your disposal a visual graphic of blue and white balls of different width flowing fast from one side of the screen to another over a blue background that seem to recreate a blizzard. The fast flow of light and dark blue particles and the possibility of interacting with them with the mouse will make you feel more relaxed and peaceful.