Breathing Deeply

This is an easy yet powerful relaxation technique. It can be practiced almost anywhere (office, public areas, home, …) and can be combined with music or aromatherapy to increase its effect.

Sit up straight, place your hands on your belly and close your eyes.

Slowly but deeply inhale through the nose and feel how the air moves all the way towards the abdomen.

Hold the air for a few seconds.

Start slowly the expulsion of the air through your mouth.

Repeat the process for approximately 5 minutes.

This technique gets to calm you by slowing your heart rate and blood pressure.

Mind Visualization

Many people feel relaxed in either idyllic or childhood places. That is why this technique focuses on making you remember those places and extract the good vibrations that emerge around them.

You must seat in a comfortable and quiet seat, and try to think of a desired scenery, an ideal moment, a childhood memory, or a beautiful place that you regard as safe, peaceful and happy. Mainly you must be confortable with the desired imaginary spot and situation.

Once you recreate that view in your mind close your eyes and start breathing gently through your nose. Use your senses to hear the sounds and smell the aromas of that idyllic scenery.

Finally lay down, enjoy the moment and feel your body and muscles relax. You may even feel so relaxed that you do not sense your whole body at all, just a head with a brain where all this magic is happening.


Walking around wherever you are (office, public park, home,…) and being concentrated in your steps, for example by focusing in their sound when they hit the ground or by counting steps, is a good way of relaxing by keeping your mind busy and distracted with other realities, activities or thoughts.

This tip gains special importance when at the office because simple things such as taking breaks frequently, having a walk, going up and down the stairs, stretching, or just simply standing on one leg can help you keep not only calm but also concentrate.