Northern Lights' Astounding Beauty

Today's society has found in classes like yoga, pilates and raiki a way to escape from daily routine. But when that is not possible, there are other quicker ways to get zen.

Scientific studies of many prestigious psychologists have always inform the benefits of staring at green spaces, blue skies and high mountainous areas. That is why people who live in small towns or villages fell less mental distress than those living in big cities. But for those city-dwellers that do not have access or views to these natural resources photographs can do the trick. In these cases, gazing at colorful and vivid images can deliver those moments of that needed peace.

Shooting your own photographs and sharing those beautiful moments through your lens with others actually have a good psychological impact on our mood, fosters creativity and help us remember the past. Furthermore, depending on the type of person you are photography can become a really interesting hobby, and it is very relaxing if you find it entertaining.

Nowadays, it is easier than ever to become a photographer thanks to our smartphones, and these pictures are displayed in many of the places we frequent: at home, at the workplace, in the screens of computers and smartphones, or in the wallet. But we must take into account that those healthy benefits disappear when our goal is no longer about sharing and more about manipulating and evoking envy in others by means of social networks like Instagram and Facebook.

"The northern cheek of the heavens,
By a sudden glory kissed,
Blushed to the tint of roses,
And hid in an amber mist,
And through the northern pathway,
Trailing her robe of flame,
The queenly Borealis
In her dazzling beauty came!"

May Riley Smith